March 2020 Wallpapers

March 2020 Wallpaper

March 2020 is here, and so are the first monthly wallpapers!
Spring is coming in 20 days, so prepare your phone to welcome its arrival with this blossom picnic wallpapers :)
They are available in two designs, pink or color, and with both calendars MTWTFSS or SMTWTFS.
Click on your preferred image to save it and use it as a wallpaper.
MTWTFSS                                                SMTWTFS
*These images are for personal use only. They can't be used for any business or commercial purposes. By downloading them you accept these terms and conditions. 

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  • Bun Bun on

    Oh its do adorable💘 i love it

  • Natsuki on

    I want a white picture.
    I really love your work.
    I’m looking forward to it in the next time, I’m looking forward to it.

  • Noémi Horváth on

    Love this!

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