Dog-Friendly Cake Recipe

Dog-Friendly Cake Three Under the Rain
Here's the recipe we used for Marly's cake on his seventh birthday. It is very easy to make and your furry friend will love it for sure!
-We used all-purpose flour since it is what we already had, but whole-grain flours are a much better substitute, it can be wheat, pea, rice, quinoa, oat, barley...
-Eggs: you can use more than one, or not use eggs at all.
-Meat and veggies: as I said in the image, you can substitute the ones we used for any other dog-friendly meats, fruits and vegetables your dog likes :)
With this recipe you'll get a cake that would be a generous meal for a big dog. This equals to a little bit more of the daily amount of food we give Marly (an adult Labrador Retriever that weights 34kg). Please consider this when deciding the portion you'll give to your furry friend.
PLEASE NOTE: this recipe is for a dog's cake. If your pet is a cat or some other animal, this recipe may not be safe for them. Please research beforehand if all the ingredients are safe for your little friend.

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